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Trump stirs emotions

Arrielle Stewart, Staff Writer March 22, 2016

Now that this hair with a man attached to it (Donald Trump) is running for president, everything that comes out of his mouth is looked at under a microscope, or is it? I have to wonder since people still...

Vote illustration

Change only happens when you vote

Elliott Puckette, Copy Editor December 10, 2015

To start, I just want to say that I love comedians, especially political ones. It is because of political comedians that I became interested in the political process and can today count myself as a reasonably...

Elections need workers, too

Stephanie Riedel, Staff Writer November 10, 2015

Civic duty is an important aspect of a democratic society. For many of us that duty starts and ends with voting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t. We should, by all means,...

Student Senate looking for candidates

Stuart Benjamin, Arts Editor September 16, 2015

Student senate elections are coming up soon, and if you want to run for a position you need to act fast! The deadline to apply for candidacy is this Friday, Sept. 18. But even if you don’t make the application...

Student Senate recruits for spring election

David Fernandez, Staff Writer April 7, 2015

The Madison College Student Senate – the student government of the College – is looking for applicants for the Spring Elections coming up this May. We are the student representatives of all enrolled...

wisconsin map

VOTE NOV. 4 *some restrictions apply

Joe Ballard, News Editor October 4, 2014

Wisconsin law now requires every voter to show a valid photo ID before they are given a ballot in November. In a recent ruling by the Chicago 7th Circuit Appeals Court, the law was put back in to effect...

Senate upholds billionaire’s ability to buy our elections

Tannen Todd, Contributor September 19, 2014

Despite public disapproval, the Senate chose to keep the Citizens United ruling in place earlier this month. In other words, there is now no limit to the amount of money corporations and unions can spend...

The electoral college vs. the popular vote

Lauren Sutter, Staff Writer October 30, 2012

The Electoral College was originally put into our constitution by our founding fathers. In fear of groups conspiring, they wanted to make sure there was a consistent, educated-hand leading the Presidential...

Senate Update

Clarion Staff September 25, 2012

Senate elections for the year are taking place on  Sept. 27. There will be 19 candidates running for 11 positions. Elections will be done by e-mail. The Student Senate already has a few items on the...

Youth vote in primaries has been low

Kait Vosswinkel, News Editor March 27, 2012

The youth isn’t making its voice heard. Voters aged 18-29 make up nearly a quarter of the eligible voting population, and they aren’t taking advantage of it. For years, politicians have swept the concerns...

How a primary election, caucus work

Kait Vosswinkel, News Editor March 27, 2012

  How a primary election, caucus work   Lines of people slowly shuffle forward, ready to cast their ballot in a brightly lit room with linoleum floors. Whether it’s a school, community...

Too much money, too little fairness

Max Blaska, Clarion Staff February 8, 2012

An average person is born, he cries when he goes to kindergarten for the first time, he sneaks his first kiss, he graduates high school, he finds love, he loses love, he gets a career, he gets married,...

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