Senate Update

Clarion Staff

Senate elections for the year are taking place on  Sept. 27. There will be 19 candidates running for 11 positions. Elections will be done by e-mail.

The Student Senate already has a few items on the agenda for this term. One of the first issues they would like to address is cell phone reception on the first floor of Truax. They are hoping to put in a booster system in a cost affordable manor.

Another item on their agenda is working to have textbooks available as e-books. Currently about half the books used are available in a digital format. The senate believes this would make books cheaper and more accessible to students.

One change that is already taking effect is that students can now use their bus pass over the winter holiday break. There is no gap between semesters where a student can’t ride anymore.

The officers from the senate will be traveling to Washington D.C. from Sept. 27 – 30. When they come back the new senators will be initiated and will get to work.

The shuttle between campuses has remained very popular, and the senate feels that it is a great success.

The Senate is also making it a priority to continue to lobby for keeping tuition as low as possible.

To be elligible for the Student Senate, students must be taking a minimum of three credits while maintaining a 2.5 Grade Point Average.