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Weathering the winter

Weathering the winter

Rosana Morena December 5, 2023

As the winter weather approaches Wisconsin, it can be hard to have the same pep in your step from summertime when days were brighter and longer.  Wisconsin is ranked No. 13 for the worst states...

A shared vision can give hope to move beyond difficult times

Ben Kalvin, Contributor December 5, 2023

We live in a society that does not dream of a shared future. Many claim to have visions for the future, but these generally tend to be looking backward either directly or indirectly.   Some look...

Bringing awareness to domestic violence

Bringing awareness to domestic violence

Michelle Meyer , Graphic Designer November 14, 2023

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAiS) outreach programs earn extra attention in October, as a result of the national observation of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. First observed in October 1981,...

Pages of contention

Claire Liddicoat, Staff Writer November 14, 2023

For so many children and young adults, the literature that they read informs, inspires, and provokes thought. A recent movement to start removing books from public and school libraries has caused lawsuits...

The cost of the death penalty is something worth considering

Nawel El Hamdi, Contributor November 14, 2023

Did you know that capital punishment is more costly than life imprisonment? Most assume because it is limiting their life, it lessens the cost of their living, although it is quite the opposite. How?...

Financial literacy is important

Cansin Ozsoy , Contributor November 14, 2023

Personal finance is important for everyone, yet many Americans lack basic financial literacy. Understanding basic money management skills and applying those to your life might be more important than you...

Maddie Thorman raises 13 chickens at her rural Johnson Creek home. While having fresh eggs is a benefit, Thorman said she simply enjoys raising them mostly as pets.

The benefits of owning chickens

Maddie Thorman, Managing Editor October 17, 2023

My favorite animal is the chicken, but not many people like these silly birds as much as I do. When I mention that I have chickens, people tend to grimace and then tell me that chickens are scary, ugly...

Vote yes on the Student Activities Referendum

Claron Editorial Board October 17, 2023

The Student Activities Board (SAB) has approved conducting a referendum asking students to vote on restructuring the student fee to boost student programs, activities and campus events. As a member of...

Take action against global warming.

Worrisome trends bring climate to forefront

Paul Becker, Arts Editor September 26, 2023

This past summer, cacti fell and withered, people suffered third-degree burns from sidewalk cement and people died. Phoenix, Arizona, residents endured 31 straight days of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The people...

Illustration provided by the American Library Association

Book bans on the rise

Owen BonDurant, Staff Writer September 26, 2023

If your child had the capability, would you let them read whatever book they wanted to? There is a large group of parents who think not. Over the years, a growing movement has formed to push back on the...

Speak up, speak out on bullying

Bradley Burt, Business Director September 26, 2023

When experiencing hate and bias on college campuses, strategies can provide solutions. Speaking up and speaking out requires planning and knowing available resources. Bullying happens quick. The victim...

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