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A holistic approach to staying healthy during the pandemic

A holistic approach to staying healthy during the pandemic

Sherra Owino , Contributor May 5, 2021

The term “pandemic” has seemingly changed its definition according to many modern people. Instead of seeing COVID-19 as a worldwide disease, many may instead say that it’s a shift in conveniences...

Student Success Services offers counseling for students.

Pandemic’s impact on mental health

Annika Vanderwerf , Contributor May 5, 2021

More than one year after the COVID-19 quarantine began, let’s take a moment to reflect. Take a deep breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Unclench your jaw, stretch your neck, whatever...

Editor Anica Graney heroically volunteered to wear the Wolfie mascot costume. Please send condolence cards to The Clarion office.

Graduation 2021

Editorial Board May 5, 2021

Every time graduation comes around it is inevitable that we all take a look back on the road that so many students have taken to make it to the finish line and receive their diplomas, certificates, and...

Newest Marvel masterpiece worth the watch

Newest Marvel masterpiece worth the watch

Elise Fjelstad, Copy Editor May 5, 2021

After my very positive experience watching “WandaVision,” I was excited for more MCU superhero action in the six episode series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Once again named for its two...

A helmet, glasses, multitool, CO2 inflator and inner tube can help ensure a safe bike ride.

Bike safety

Thomas Chaltry, Contributor May 5, 2021

Fill up your water bottles, pump up your tires, and snap your helmet onto your noggin. It’s summertime and biking can be a great sport for those looking to stay in shape or simply enjoy the outdoors....

The Dane County area is offering many Earth Day activities to get involved in

The Dane County area is offering many Earth Day activities to get involved in

Hannah Dotzler, Copy Editor April 21, 2021

There are many ways you can show your support for environment protection this Earth Day. To celebrate our planet, both Madison College and the Dane County area are offering several earth-friendly activities...

The Honors Program is located on the third floor of the Truax Campus.

The growing honors community at Madison College

Eimy Gonzalez, News Editor April 21, 2021

The honors program has served Madison College students for seven years. From 2014 to present day, it has evolved significantly to fit the demand and the need of its participants, being conducive to stories...

Switch the plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles for some environmentally friendly bar soap.

Turn your household ecofriendly one step at a time

Paige Zezulka, Copy Editor April 21, 2021

With Earth Day being right around the corner, it is the perfect time to think about some simple things we can change in our households to help reduce our carbon footprint. Obviously, change is not...

Above, Alan Zarzycki (left) along with a friend as they cosplay characters. Below, a film club meeting held over video chat.

Film Club Brings Connection to the Community

Paige Zezulka, Copy Editor April 21, 2021

Madison College’s new and improved film club has brought the community together through the art of picture. With the help of Alan Zarzycki, a Liberal Arts Transfer student as well as the co-founder...

Madison College freshman Maddie Kvatek leads the WolfPack softball team in hitting with a .582 average. She has 32 hits in 55 at bats and has four home runs.



A close loss to Joliet Junior College in a conference matchup on April 6 has left the Madison College softball team little room for error if it hopes to take the N4C title as a pivotal doubleheader with...

A variety of tote bag options are available for purchase. All proceeds will support the Madison College Center for Printing Arts.

Student-designed tote bags for sale through Madison College Bookstore

Hannah Dotzler , Copy Editor April 7, 2021

Student-designed tote bags are currently being sold through the Madison College Bookstore. The bags were made by students in the Graphic Design program, as a project for the Design Project Management class....

Screenshot displays the look of the Truax Gallery's new website.

Truax Gallery Website

Anica Graney , Editor-in-Chief April 7, 2021

The Gallery at Truax has been out of commission ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began over a year ago. “We were in the middle of installing a physical show that was for the college transfer art program...

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