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Students in the baking class include, front row, from left: Kaya Luo, Meghan Reiche, Anabel Imhoff, MC Mueller, Jennifer Bock; back row, from left: Jordan Keehn, Katie Vican, Madeleine Walstad, Maddie Wilson, Evelyn Byrnes, Hailey Barrett, Lela Vue, Briana Jackson, Maddie Housley, Meghan Sweeney, Michele Mendez Tapia, Ashley Varholik.

Learning how to bake the world a better place

Jennifer L. Bock , Contributor September 26, 2023

Yesterday, for the first time, I baked a roll from scratch. At 56 years old that is saying something, especially since my last few batches doubled as hockey pucks. In the past two weeks, I’ve tasted...

Like the series? Try reading ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’

Maddie Thorman, Managing Editor September 26, 2023

With the weekly release of the Ahsoka series on Disney+, I believe it is the perfect time to review “Star Wars: Ahsoka” written by E. K. Johnston. The paperback copy I own is published by Disney and...

Bello’s Circus Extreme Variety Show took its final bow of the season earlier this month.

Circus fans bid a bittersweet farewell to a world of magic as season closes

Sierra Brunner, Staff Writer September 26, 2023

In a grand spectacle of wonder and talent, Bello's Circus Extreme Variety Show took its final bow for the season on Sept. 3, leaving behind a trail of heartfelt gratitude for all those who came to support...

‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ is a masterpiece

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer September 26, 2023

A game worth buying right now is a masterpiece of gaming – Baldur's Gate 3. Developed and published by Larian Studios, this game is threatening the major studios in that Baldur’s Gate 3 is complete...

Jessica Witham, left, rehearses a scene from The Women of Lockerbie. (Photo provided to The Clarion)

Performing Arts program plans 2 shows this fall, musical in spring

Paige Shapiro, Opinions Editor September 26, 2023

The Madison College Performing Arts is presenting a play called “The Women of Lockerbie” in October, another play called “Bus Stop" in December and a musical called “Rock of Ages” in March. Karen...

Madison College student Joan Keizer crafts armor that gets put to the test in Historical European Martial Arts events.

Forging a living manuscript

Kai Brito, Staff Writer September 26, 2023

Not every college student can say that they own a set of self-forged plate armor, but Joan Keizer can shoulder that honor. Over the summer, about once a month on Saturday mornings, she dons her metal suit...

The Bella Nock Circus Extreme Variety Show is a feast for the eyes, with stunning costumes and visual effects.

A breathtaking spectacle

Sierra Brunner, Staff Writer August 28, 2023

Bello Nock is a name synonymous with the circus. He is known as the "World's Greatest Daredevil" and has been performing in the circus for over 30 years. Nock's circus shows are not your average performance,...

Kristin Mathews, a volunteer at the Willy Street Pantry since 2019, re-stocks the outdoor cabinet.

Fostering self-reliance

Kelly Feng, Editor in Chief August 28, 2023

Kristin Mathews remembers the first time she handed a new pair of socks to someone in need. She recalls their face lighting up with unexpected delight and boundless gratitude. "Even if it's the most minute...

Delve into that dungeon and slay demons with ‘Diablo 4’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer August 28, 2023

After more than a decade and angry fans ranting, Blizzard studios dropped “Diablo 4.” The demon slaying and dungeon griding has never been better. The game has gone full open world with multiplayer...

New content makes ‘Elder Scrolls’ better than ever

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer August 28, 2023

The newest downloadable content (DLC) for “Elder Scrolls” online dropped this summer, and the world of “Elder Scrolls” is better than ever! The game returns to the Dark Elf kingdom of Morrowind...

The art of chasing sunsets as a Santa Monica stringer during the Hollywood strikes

Bradley Burt, Business Director August 23, 2023

So, what exactly does a “stringer” in the journalism field do anyway? And what is so cool about chasing sunsets?  The stringer connects the press with breaking news providing an extra set of...

The fast-growing chain, Dave’s Hot Chicken, has expanded into Madison, with a new store on the east side of the city. If you like chicken, give it a try.

Dave’s Hot Chicken a new option on Madison’s east side

Dexter Cruse, Staff Writer May 2, 2023

Dave’s Hot Chicken has recently exploded across America. Dave’s was founded in Los Angeles in 2017 with only one location. Now with over 100 locations, Dave’s is trying to take over the fast-food...

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