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Jimmy Holmes as Elvis at the Legacy Theater in Wisconsin Dells.

Jimmy Holmes as Elvis was a spectacular show

Sierra Brunner, Staff Writer February 13, 2024

The stage was set, the lights were dimmed, and the anticipation in the air was palpable. It was the day when Jimmy Holmes would take on the persona of Elvis Presley, the legendary King of Rock and Roll....

‘Saltburn’ captures attention

Claire Cox, Staff Writer February 13, 2024

“Saltburn” features a cinematic style reminiscent of director Luca Guadagnino's northern Italy (“Call Me by Your Name,” 2017). Barry Keoghan is Oliver Quick, an insecure Tom Ripley during a lavish...

Movies for a Valentine’s date night

Lauren Tolbert, Staff Writer February 13, 2024

The universe has faced two burning questions for a long time. The first, obviously, is why is the sky blue? That has already been studied by scientists, and I am not here to answer that. The second question,...

Corrine Bailey Rae’s ‘Black Rainbows’ Hits All the Right Notes

Lexy Ware, Staff Writer February 13, 2024

“Black Rainbows” opens with a song called “A Spell, A Prayer.” A haunting ballad, she sings, “We honor you. We long to arc our arm through history. To unpick every thread. To unpick every thread.”...

The Silver Eagle is a staple of homegrown hospitality

Jackson Crossen, Photo Editor February 13, 2024

Since 1985, The Silver Eagle has sat as a staple of homegrown hospitality and acted as heaven for both old and new members of the Monona community alike. It’s not just a restaurant in their eyes, but...

Discovering true grit through the art of storytelling

Kelly Feng, Editor in Chief February 13, 2024

Like many people, sometimes I see the movie first and then read the book later. It might take away from page-turning suspense or just the simple joy of reading, but it's a win for all sides if I search...

‘Hazbin Hotel’ shows the duality of light and dark is present in all

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer February 13, 2024

On Oct. 29, 2019, an animated web pilot created by Vivienne Medrano released on Youtube, teasing a story fit for a mature audience. It follows Charlie Morningstar, daughter of Lucifer and Princess of Hell,...

A resting tiger is one of many predatory animals depicted in artist Federico Uribes show on display in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

Miami-based artist Federico Uribe shares his ‘Metamorphosis’

Paul Becker, Arts Editor February 13, 2024

Because there was a wedding in the foyer of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art – there were roses in water on set-up tables – I could not access the exhibit I went there for, something about visualizing...

Talen Marshall, left, as Malcolm X and William Toney as Martin Luther King, Jr., in the play, The Meeting, to be presented at Madison College on Feb. 10.

Inside ‘The Meeting’

Kylie Phillips, Assistant Editor February 9, 2024

"The Meeting" is a moving and thoughtful play written by Jeff Stetson, about a fictionalized encounter between two iconic Civil Rights Movement figures, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The play...

Birria tacos at Lucille.

Lucille is known for its ‘Wisco-Detroit’ pizza

Nawel El Hamdi, Staff Writer January 17, 2024

Lucille is an upscale pizza restaurant located in downtown Madison. They are best known for their wood fire and “Wisco-Detroit” style pizza. On their website, they stand for humility, collaboration,...

Silenced no more, Spears is free to share, and she does

Kelly Feng, Editor in Chief January 17, 2024

“The Woman in Me” is a memoir by American singer Britney Spears. Often referred to as the "Princess of Pop," Spears is credited with influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s and early...

‘It’s Basic’ shows impact of Universal Basic Income

Lexy Ware, Staff Writer January 17, 2024

I recently watched “It’s Basic,” a movie screened by Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway last month at the Madison Arts Center. The movie covers the topic of Universal Basic Income. Universal Basic...

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