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Taste of Madison

Madison got a smaller ‘Taste’ thanks to pandemic

Lauren Taillon, Arts Editor September 14, 2021

Though Taste of Madison looked different this year compared to years prior due to Covid-19, 42 food vendors still managed to create award-winning bite-sized masterpieces and live music performed by Raine...

Latest 9/11 film asks the existential question of the value of a life

Morgan Engels, News Editor September 14, 2021

It has been 20 years since the Sept. 11 attacks. While all of us have spent the last two decades trying to cope with the fallout of that fateful day, attempts to address the topic in movies have yielded...

You’ll need time for pasta bolognese

Sherra Owino, Copy Editor September 14, 2021

Those in the culinary world would probably look at this and scream, “What are you thinking with attempting something that’s such a classic of the Italian gods!?”  Well, that’s the nice...

The ‘Ewok Films’ from the ‘80s are a bit of nostalgic pleasure

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer September 14, 2021

A guilty pleasure I can highly recommend to any nerdy Star Wars college-age fans is the hidden Star Wars films known as the “Ewok Films.”  The Ewok movies were made in the mid-80s when the...

Lemon Blueberry Sheet Pan Pancakes can be made ahead of time and refrigerated.

Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Sheet Pan Pancakes are delicious

Eimy Gonzalez, Assistant Editor September 14, 2021

As a new semester rolls in, so does the stress of meeting the deadlines and working hard to be the absolute best student you can be. However, what impact does this have on how you prepare and eat your...

A vendor displays a dish at the 2015 Taste of Madison.

Taste of Madison moves to Breese Stevens Field

Lauren Taillon , Arts Editor August 28, 2021

This year, the Taste of Madison is back in action at Breese Stevens Field on Labor Day weekend. Attendees can attend by purchasing a ticket online for one of three time slots on either Saturday, Sept....

Comedian and filmmaker Bo Burnham in

Netflix comedy special captures shut-in feelings

Taleise Lawrence , Staff Writer August 28, 2021

Staying at home and being inside are things that have become very familiar to many of us over the last year. Bo Burnham’s “Inside,” released in May 2021, perfectly captures the feeling of quarantine...

‘Seven Deadly Sins’ completes season 5

Taleise Lawrence , Staff Writer August 28, 2021

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is a five season show, with an additional movie to support the main series. The main characters, nicknamed after the seven deadly sins, team up to stop the Demon race from taking...

‘D&D Baldur’s Gate 3’ a quest to stop aliens

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer August 28, 2021

A game I would highly recommend is “Dungeons and Dragons Baldur’s Gate 3.” This long-awaited sequel in the D&D universe comes after decades of development hell.  It’s a role-playing game...

Summerfest grounds will be filled again this fall as the annual festival makes a late return.

Summerfest returns this fall

Sierra Brunner , Staff Writer August 28, 2021

Summerfest is being held on three weekends this September due to the coronavirus pandemic. Just be aware that you will need a negative COVID test at least 72 hours before or attendees need to be fully...

The Cloverfield Paradox – a mind-bending film

Hailey Griffin , Arts Editor May 5, 2021

When I saw this movie recommended on my Netflix roster, I was intrigued. I asked myself three questions: (1) There’s a sequel to “10 Cloverfield Lane?” (2) Could it possibly live up to its predecessor?...

Are There Perfect Albums From The 2010s?

Are There Perfect Albums From The 2010s?

Andrew Doucette , Staff Writer May 5, 2021

Perfect albums are something music fans debate constantly. One thing that I noticed is that most of the time, the albums they talk about are generations old. It’s not a bad thing at all; some of the...

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