Student Senate recruits for spring election

David Fernandez, Staff Writer

The Madison College Student Senate – the student government of the College – is looking for applicants for the Spring Elections coming up this May. We are the student representatives of all enrolled Madison College students. By state law, we are required to participate in the immediate governance of the College, helping shape, formulate and review all policies.

As boring as this may sound, this is the most influential way of getting things done at the College. We provide services to students, such as the campus-to-campus shuttle system, free bus passes, textbook rental service, etc.

A couple years ago, the Senate, through a collective uproar from students, pushed the College administration to remodel the whole campus and make it more “student friendly.” The result was a $160 million referendum, asking taxpayers to fund the remodeling cost of a new and improved campus. It passed, and a new beautiful campus was constructed – and it’s not finished yet.

As you can see, important changes, improvements to the College and formulation of student services can happen through the Senate. This is the most direct way of influencing positive change, empower students and improve the school.

Currently, the following five offices are open:

1) President, the chief executive of the Senate with many duties and points of influence including being the Chair of the Student Activities Board (SAB) and a voting member of the College Assembly, the shared-governance decision-making body of the College.

2) Vice President of Administration and Finance, the chief financial officer and the secretary of the Senate, with duties include being the Senate representative of SAB.

3) Vice President of Legislative Affairs, the parliamentarian, chief law enforcer of the Senate, chief diplomat, delegate and Governor for Madison College in the Wisconsin Student Government (WSG), a state-wide student government that represents 400,000 technical college students and lobbies the state legislature on their behalf.

4) The Vice President of Public Relations, the press secretary, communications director and spokesperson for the Senate, working with promoting student services and communicating information to students.

5) The Vice President of Team Development, who works to train new Senate members, coordinate Senate team activities, events and retreats.

Lastly, there are 9 open Senatorial seats. They are the eyes, ears and voice the student body of the College. They have a wide range of task and duties, able to be members of outside organizations, chair senate committees, can be part of College committees, etc.  They are also part of the College Councils.

They make up the majority of the Senate General Assembly, the Senate’s legislative body. These independent representatives have the most collective influence in the Senate.

If you want to be part of positive change, helping make this College better, represent the needs and rights of all students here at Madison College,  consider joining the Student Senate.

For more information, including what the perks, benefits and duties each Office holds, and to apply, go to

Applications are due April 17.