Student Senate looking for candidates

Stuart Benjamin, Arts Editor

Student senate elections are coming up soon, and if you want to run for a position you need to act fast! The deadline to apply for candidacy is this Friday, Sept. 18. But even if you don’t make the application deadline, you can still run a write-in campaign.

As of right now there are four candidates, three for senator positions and one for vice president of public relations.

There are two senate seats at the Madison campuses and two officer positions that need candidates. Three of the regional campuses, Fort Atkinson, Watertown and Reedsburg, still have no candidates.

Jackie Dahlke, Student Senate advisor, said she would like to see every position on the ballot contested.

“The goal is to have at least three candidates running for each position, and we need to be concerned because right now we have four total,” Dahlke said a week before the deadline.

With two days to the deadline, the Senate is hoping to get some last minute applications, which has been common in the past. Dahlke also said that an officer elected in May for this semester dropped out without any notice, creating an unexpected vacancy.

The Senate is in dire need of participants, so don’t hesitate to apply.

Student Senate elections are held online and the ballot is open for a five-day period. The ballot is sent directly to your student email and will take place later this month.

Don’t know anything about who’s running? Don’t worry, the ballot will have links to profiles of each candidate describing what the candidate hopes to accomplish as a leader at the college. There are five different ballots, one for Madison and each of the regionals.

Ideally, the Senate would like to have a representative from each of the regional campuses. The Madison campuses have a total of six senator seats while the other campuses have just one, which makes it even more important that the senate find candidates for those positions.

If you would like to apply, visit the website at You can also find candidate profiles and information on what the Senate has been up to this year.