Trump stirs emotions

Speeches filled with contradictions and outlandish comments fail to derail his presidential bid

Arrielle Stewart, Staff Writer

Now that this hair with a man attached to it (Donald Trump) is running for president, everything that comes out of his mouth is looked at under a microscope, or is it? I have to wonder since people still seem to be voting for him in the primaries. I challenge voters to take a closer look at him.

Let’s start with the contradictions.

He has claimed that he is pro-choice, yet also against abortion. He is for, and against, assault weapon bans. He was at one time all for bringing in Syrian refuges, and now claims he wants to kick them out of the country. He used to advocate for higher taxes for the 1 percent, yet has said he would support creating tax breaks for them. He claims he never settles out of court, yet is known for settling. He’s opposed to Obamacare, yet years ago proposed the nearly identical “health-marts.”

Some people apparently like him for his brutal “honesty.” However, as he has proven, Trump will say whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. He has also admitted on many occasions that he does not wish to comment on an issue because he has no idea what is being talked about, and would have to do further research… you know, that thing real politicians spend the majority of their lives doing before running for president. He also claims to believe climate change is a full blown hoax blatantly ignoring proven science, scary.

On the other hand, some say he is nothing more than a loud mouthed egotistical, chauvinistic, arrogant man, many of the staple issues wrong with some in America; arguing that he is a fantastic role model for precisely why America has crumbled as a country, and why the United States is no longer a model of success. Arguing, arrogance, or head up ass syndrome, is not something we need in the White House.
Trump has even stated he believes his net worth fluctuates with his mood, whether one wants to deem that arrogance or stupidity, there is no denying those who fear him becoming president are validated. In all likelihood, if Trump actually becomes the president, he runs a high risk of being impeached. The odds that he will do something stupid are high. He will most likely within his first year, manage to offend countries that will not stand for it, and promptly make our country a mega target.

Then there is the “wall” issue. He wants to deport all illegal Mexican immigrants and build a wall along the border of Mexico and the United States. People who support him, support the wall and believe him when he says he is going to be able to make Mexico pay for the wall. Those who see through this believe that, or should I say, are aware, that this will never actually happen, Mexico cannot be forced to build the wall, and there is no way Congress is going to foot the bill.

Others believe that since he is using his own money to fund his campaign, that he cannot be bought. In reality, he has loaned his campaign money and has actually given very little.

Trump can pay himself back with campaign funds. If you think this is a moot point, think about this, if you loaned your significant other a birthday gift, instead of actually giving it to them, how well do you think this would go over? Where do you think the campaign fund comes from? So if he were to lose do you honestly think he would not take the campaign funds? He has also received a large amount of donations, so while he has not accepted corporate funds he is not entirely funding the campaign on his own.

Further, he is by no means a self-made man; he inherited millions from his father and then burned through an astronomical amount of that. While he has had some successful business ventures, his biggest achievement is successfully finding a way to make others correlate his name, his “brand” with success, which, in all reality, is simply not the case. Let us look at just a handful of some of his many failures: Trump Vodka (who can’t sell alcohol?), Trump steaks, Trump shuttle (airline), “Trump Magazine”, “Trump World Magazine”, and Trump University (which he is currently being sued over). Even some Trump Towers have failed. He started a mortgage company in 2006 — you want to look at disasters, and poorly thought out decisions — this is an exemplary example. As if that isn’t bad enough, there are the Trump Casino’s. That’s right, Trump failed at a business where the main objective is to make money! Oh, the irony.

Despite all of these easily found examples, some still view him as a fantastic businessman and assume he will be able to dig our country out of debt. I encourage you to take a look at the failures with his name brand.

While it is true that he has managed to associate his brand and his name with the notion of success, he has failed at a very large number of endeavors, and has filed for bankruptcy four times!

Over the past twenty years, Trump has been a Republican, then Independent, then Democratic, then Republican. Which, in all honesty, is probably not as concerning as the rest of his actions. While it is true we need a president who is truly somewhat central, you have to wonder why Trump did not just choose to stay independent the whole time? Because he waffles on absolutely everything.

There it is, the biggest issue that faces us as a nation — if Trump takes office we won’t know which Trump he will be from day-to-day. We will have no idea where he truly stands on any issue.

Sure, he has said things in the last 20 years that could appeal to just about anyone, but, the contradiction, and outlandish statements he has made most recently, does not leave one feeling very secure with him in the Oval Office. The only thing I think we can be certain of, is the only interest he has in mind is his own, and becoming president will not change that.