A veteran’s wish list for Madison’s new mayor


Emily Dimond

Newly elected Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway speaks at forum prior to the April election

Brad Burt, Staff Writer

Every time a new official is elected to public office, they implement their own policies and agenda.

As one of the many Madison-area veterans, there are a few things I’d like to see newly-elected Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway add to the city’s to-do list.

I would like to see the Mayor assist veterans with free Wi-Fi at the Peace Park location to help create “Outpost 422” that I am working on to launch at the Wisconsin Department of the American Legion Convention this summer.

I am asking all veteran nonprofits who are solvent to come forward and join me to end veteran suicide by offering either vouchers or used smart devices to access the PTSD Coach App while patients are visiting Building 22.

We are looking for a veteran check-in point for homeless and displaced veteran to offer opportunities to volunteer for community service hours at my two adopted blocks. I requested the 400 block and G.E.F II and III at City Hall last year thanks to the city’s offering of volunteer opportunities to care for the Peck Residence as well.

Peck would be delighted to know we are reenacting and establishing the American tradition of Outposts.  We are looking to pursue a permit and to expedite our Operation: Greenspace Farmer’s Market Veteran checkpoint to accept orders to help on Hemp farms through the WI DATCP Hemp Pilot Program Consumer Protection opportunities that are new to the industry.

We have decided to recruit for VA VITAL and offer my duties as the American Legion Post 501 Service Officer who is willing to work with our mayor to open new doors to solving the homeless Vietnam Veterans, who hold signs to allow them to panhandle in Peace Park without harassment.

I am also asking the mayor to raise microaggression awareness on city buses.  I do not like to see my fellow classmates show up to class in tears from being treated adversely on the way to Truax. 

As a veteran, I feel reporting the incidents to the city (and mayor) through our college email allows us a chance to protect and preserve our fellow members of our student body who are struggling with more than just school who are objectified due to sexual assault on campus.

I certainly hope you will address the 22 veteran per day suicide statistic that we help beat through VA VITAL at Madison College Truax Campus.  One free smartphone can drastically change the suicide demographic at the Madison VA Hospital thanks to your generosity with free Wi-Fi.

As a member of Post 501 of the American Legion, I certainly hope to influence as many veterans as I can to volunteer at my adopted blocks in exchange for your free service.

I would also like to utilize G.E.F. II and III amphitheater to host open speakers who will share their experience with other veterans and members of our community to watch over State Street and to offer an opportunity to assist both Phillip Scott and I through Outpost 422 and the Wisconsin Hemp Farmers and Manufacturers Association with a reserved spot to check in at Peace Park at 4:22 pm on Saturdays.

Veteran suicide has spiraled out of control and we need your help to keep downtown microaggression-free for our veterans and scholars to use in times of duress. 

I will be seeing you at City Hall soon to pitch our veteran check points and look forward to keeping downtown safe when using the UW Library and Historical Society to investigate sources for stories.  I look forward to developing a better veteran reciprocity with our newly selected leaders and hope we can continue the legacy of cooperative consumer protection solvency by setting the standards at our station to meet struggling veterans who need help finding their way.