Game review: 2048

Daniel Herron, Multimedia Editor

It’s easy to underestimate the appeal of really simple, clever games. “2048” is the kind of game that would take four times as long to explain as to show someone in person. The goal is to accumulate numbers in pairs until you reach the name of the game: “2048.”

The goal is easy to state, but almost impossible to accomplish. “2048” is intuitive, engaging, and yet has the potential for deep strategy and thought. It’s also a great tool for learning the basics of binary, since tiles only appear in powers of 2.

Each game is quick, (taking five to ten minutes to play,) which means you can play during the little pieces of downtime we all have during the day.  And unlike most fast, intuitive games, “2048” will make you better at numbers and spatial reasoning. It is stimulating, rather than mindless, and provides a much-needed injection of originality and depth to a field of free, downloadable games inundated with “Flappy Bird” knockoffs.

So, take two minutes to download it, play it a few times. You might just find it to be a new favorite app.