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I dislike Facebook

Why I dislike Facebook

Jennifer Reinfried, Business Director October 10, 2018

Earlier this year, I was chatting with a coworker slightly younger than I was. Seeing as we enjoyed many of the same hobbies and had known each other for a while, I pulled out my phone and opened my Facebook...

Love in the time of social media

Brett Stoeger, Broadcast Editor February 19, 2015

It’s Valentine’s Day. Cupid hovers above a drowsy class of students, carefully deciding which two will be on the receiving end of this year’s arrows of love. A familiar scene with a contemporary...

Misuse of social media refelcts poorly on users

Kenneth Xiong, Staff Writer November 25, 2014

Social media supplies a whole new dimension of connection for the modern age. But the sharing of information doesn’t seem to be many people’s main concern. Social media has become an ego-driven boost...

Are we giving out too much information in social media

Jason Millis, Copy editor October 24, 2013

How many tidbits of your life did you share today before you read this week’s issue of The Clarion? Did you post a photo of your last meal on Instagram? Did you upload some pictures to your Facebook...

Social media account on campus is nothing short of unfortunate

Ryan Spoehr, Copy Editor May 8, 2013

For much of the past year, there has been a Twitter page, not affiliated with Madison College, that has surfaced. This page posts photos, mostly unflattering, and proceeds to make inflammatory remarks...

Staff editorial: Don’t misrepresent yourself through social media

Clarion Editorial Board March 5, 2013

In the digital age, nearly everything is public. Politicians and celebrities are constantly being caught with scandalous photographs, emails, text messages or voicemails. There are very few people or public...

Slacktivism: an activist’s lament

Sarah Weatherbee, Staff Writer September 25, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins Oct. 1. I remember last year when the tell-tale, cryptic Facebook statuses peppered my newsfeed. Everyone appeared to be announcing where they liked to get it on. I...

AJ bombards rivals with social media

AJ bombards rivals with social media

Aaron Miller, Clarion Staff Writer October 12, 2011

College towns always seem to be on the trendy edge of things, and the recent rise of “boutique burger” joints has not passed over Madison. These kitschy themed restaurants – some of them chains,...

Clothing website offers alternative in social media age

Clothing website offers alternative in social media age

Katrina Simyab, Clarion Arts and Culture Editor August 30, 2011 has found a great way to combine independent art and random t-shirts. This website is a unique online clothing store that not only promotes local artists, but makes it easy for anyone to...

Newspaper to increase its web, social media efforts

Newspaper to increase its web, social media efforts

Ryan Spoehr, Clarion Editor in Chief August 29, 2011

For the regular readers of The Clarion, they may recognize the Spoehr name from previous years. Last semester, I spent time as news editor prior to being named the editor this past May. It comes with great...

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