Newspaper to increase its web, social media efforts


Ryan Spoehr, editor in chief of the Clarion, looks at the newspa- pers’s Twitter and Facebook accounts while working on the publication’s web site.

Ryan Spoehr, Clarion Editor in Chief

For the regular readers of The Clarion, they may recognize the Spoehr name from previous years. Last semester, I spent time as news editor prior to being named the editor this past May. It comes with great honor that I accept the role as editor in chief.

Many around me know that I have in fact, been hoping for this opportunity to come around for a long time. Journalism is the only field I have ever really wanted to be in whether it is in print, in front of a microphone, or behind the video camera.

Prior to my time as news editor and editor in chief at The Clarion, I spent time interning at Hometown News Group, which is a collection of small newspapers in the Madison area. At times, I still write for the Lake Mills Leader, the weekly newspaper in my hometown. I also interned at WTJK 1380 in Janesville, the ESPN Radio affiliate for the Rockford area.

For those of you who went to Orientation, you may recognize me. I was a member of the crew in the Mitby, as well as helping out in the classroom and computer labs.  As you can tell, I am pretty laid back and very approachable.

Any feedback, whether it is positive or negative, is welcomed at The Clarion. This year I want to encourage the reader (and now online followers) to share their opinions. It does not matter what political affiliation you hold, or if you are a student or instructor. Feedback is always encouraged.

Hours of operation will be on the front door, and staff hours posted on the wall next to my desk. Set up an appointment, just stop in, send an email, or call. In fact, you may send video messages to my email address.

Expect many new things at The Clarion this year. Whether it is more campus coverage, or more video game and food reviews in our Arts & Culture section. We have even increased our online presence, this is definitely the start of a new era at Madison College’s student newspaper.

With our new website we will have more online exclusives, including event recaps, meeting updates, and more sports coverage. Our new website won’t stop at just print stories, we plan to step up our game in the video department.

Our online presence does not stop at just our website. Throughout the summer I have been working with Heidi Adams and Branden Kerr from our multimedia department. Now there will be more social media coverage than ever before. There may be a prize or two from social media as well.

With more video, we will be more present on YouTube this year. Also, with The Clarion now on Foursquare, you can be the mayor of The Clarion. That’s right…you! However, I’m sorry, you won’t be able oust me from my position as editor in chief if you are the mayor of The Clarion.

So, remember to stop in to The Clarion office whenever, and while you’re at it, check out Student Life as well.  The Clarion, orientation, and other organizations on campus are run out of Student Life such as, Student Senate, Volunteer Center, and Phi Theta Kappa.

Good luck to everyone this year.