Misuse of social media refelcts poorly on users

Kenneth Xiong, Staff Writer

Social media supplies a whole new dimension of connection for the modern age. But the sharing of information doesn’t seem to be many people’s main concern. Social media has become an ego-driven boost for the narcissist. It’s no longer about connecting with people but more with self-interest and promotion.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a healthy level of confidence, self esteem and the ability to focus on the positive, but many of these social media sites have become self exaggerated entitlements and adorations for one’s self.

Some of the biggest examples of social media ego trip that I’ve seen were found on Facebook. It is great that you are aware of the world’s problems, but posting it on Facebook and receiving dozens of “likes”, is not going to fix the situation. Sharing and reposting them is not going to help. Just leaving a comment on the post it is not going to help. It feels like a lot of people these days are just fishing for likes and compliments to inflate their own self-interest.

I remember this past summer when a student posted about the events of a rally for peace. This student received a lot of attention and appraisal from the Facebook mass on regards to the issue. When the rally came around, this person did not attend the rally, but opted out to drink and float down a river with a crew of people vying for popularity. This is just one example of how people seem to lack real empathy, and how they use social events and Facebook as a tool for their vanity.

It’s the same when I see people post comments with the obligatory quote, “We need more people like this!” after an inspirational picture. I say you got it wrong, we don’t need more people like this; rather we need to be more like these people.

When Internet social media was created, it allowed us to socially interact, share ideas, and exchange information. It allowed the average person to upload user generated content to the masses and let their voice be heard. It allowed us to update and keep in touch with formerly unreachable people that were far away. Social media still does these, but it also gave birth to a new generation; a generation of “ME.”