Why I dislike Facebook

Drama and hate can make newsfeeds anti-social


Earlier this year, I was chatting with a coworker slightly younger than I was. Seeing as we enjoyed many of the same hobbies and had known each other for a while, I pulled out my phone and opened my Facebook app. Already tapping the search bar, I asked if he was on the social media platform. Much to my surprise, he laughed and said he was not.

I remember thinking he was joking. I mean, Facebook has been how I’ve stayed connected with friends since it came out and replaced good old MySpace. It’s a part of so many people’s daily lives, including mine, that we don’t even think about it anymore when we tap that little blue icon and start scrolling through political rants, cute puppy videos, and the occasional update on someone’s relationship status.

However, the more I thought about it – and the more I paid attention to what I was seeing as I went down my never-ending feed – the more I realized how terrible Facebook can be.

This year brought many changes to my life. I was a part of a group of friends that became very drama-orientated online. Eventually, things got so negative that people stopped posting their thoughts for fear of being targeted. I was unwillingly drawn into the middle of some disagreements that eventually ended up crushing my feelings and leaving me worried about what I, too, should share. Even when I supported some women during the #metoo movement, I was attacked.

Thankfully, I got out of that herd of drama and hate, but it left a mark on me that’s lingered. Ever since that incident, I’ve watched people I personally know attack others for their religious views, political preference, and even their opinions about various music or movies.

To me, this is horrifying. Yes, we all have our own point of view, and we should be able to stick with it, but so should those whose opinions differ from ours. Who are we to mock the Bible or Jesus knowing that so many people have found great peace in religious beliefs? Who are we to insult someone who has come forward to tell their story of sexual abuse? Most importantly, why has the human race decided that bullying is the now the norm? People all over don’t post about what they believe in, myself included now, about their different lifestyles or support of unpopular opinions, because many fear being publicly ridiculed.

The cruelty isn’t just toward acquaintances, but to strangers as well, often even more so. Just this morning I saw a post stating someone was stuck in traffic and hoped the reason for the slowdown better be that someone was dead. If I had commented on that stating it was a terrible thing to say, I’d be torn apart. Don’t believe me? Ask me about the time I stood in defense of a terrified squirrel being chased simply for the opportunity to go viral.

There are many other reasons I want to delete my Facebook account. Scrolling down the endless feed is nothing but a timewaster, a black hole that sucks minute after minute of my free time until suddenly I realize I could have been doing something better with that twenty minutes I lost. What about the countless hacks? The personal information just floating out there? Just last month the biggest breach in the company’s 14-year existence occurred, and about 50 million accounts were compromised.

Yes, I could list many more reasons, but I stand by my initial observation: Facebook has become too negative and too full of drama and hate that I just can’t be a part of it any longer.