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The Toastest with the Mostest with scrambled eggs and mixed greens from Bassett Street Brunch Club.

Bassett Street Brunch Club Review

Hannah Dotzler, Copy Editor March 3, 2021

For my birthday lunch this year, I decided I wanted to go somewhere I had never been before. I also knew that I wanted brunch because who doesn’t love a good weekend brunch?! I went online and browsed...

Soul Review

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer February 17, 2021

A film that really hits home for me was the movie “Soul.” It was a rollercoaster of feeling, and it had a sense of sadness and hope that really gets home the nature of life and death. The film takes...

“Attack on Titan” Review

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer February 17, 2021

So, the last season of “Attack on Titan” is here, and I'm sad and grateful all at once. The show is darker than ever, ranging from themes of genocide, race hate, gritty war from the era of World War...

‘Shadows of Reach’ next step for ‘Halo’ fans

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

For all you “Halo” nerds out there, and for those who are really looking forward to the next entry in the franchise, I highly recommend the “Halo” novel “Shadows of Reach.” This book is...

Book series ‘Dune’ comparable to ‘Star Wars’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

A really good book series that keeps on giving and will soon be a film is the series “Dune.” This classic science fiction franchise has inspired everything from “Star Wars” to “Warhammer.”...

‘New in Town’ a fun watch despite low ratings

Boh Suh, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

Movie ratings can bring both positive and negative impacts on viewers. When the rating of a movie is low, potential viewers may decide to skip it, which saves them some time. But what if the movie was...

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ challenges 1950’s gender roles through chess

Boh Suh, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

I had to google the definition of gambit because I have never seen that word in my life. It looks like it means a game and a gamble, but either way, I was down to watch the show. There are seven episodes,...

Director Tom Verica (right) on the set of Netflix’s “Bridgerton” with Ruth Gemmell (left), who plays Lady Violet Bridgerton, and Golda Rosheuvel (center), who plays Queen Charlotte.

Love conquers all in Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’

Paige Zezulka, Copy Editor February 3, 2021

Grab your tea and your girlfriends because this series is going to have a lot to gossip about! “Bridgerton,” the Netflix series that arrived at the end of 2020, has been a real heart jerker—especially...

“Far Cry Primal” review

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer December 10, 2020

A game I have had a lot of fun playing is “Far Cry Primal,” an older game with a lot of reliability. The game takes place in the early days of the human race as it hunts with stones and sticks and...

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet star in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is an insightful, surreal film

Hailey Griffin, Arts Editor December 10, 2020

I’m not a huge fan of romance movies. They’re all the same to me; a girl meets the man of her dreams, they fall in love and live happily ever after. But “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”...

Confessions of a Part Time Indian review

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer November 24, 2020

A book I spend a lot of time reading is “The Confessions of a Part Time Indian.” It is raunchy, filled with the hell of puberty boyhood, and living in racist America from the lens of a Native American...

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is a captivating miniseries

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is a captivating miniseries

Anica Graney, Editor-In-Chief November 24, 2020

Set in 1950s America, “The Queen’s Gambit” follows Beth Harmon, an orphan who has an affinity for chess and an addiction to tranquilizers. The first episode begins with Beth suddenly becoming an...

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