Book series ‘Dune’ comparable to ‘Star Wars’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A really good book series that keeps on giving and will soon be a film is the series “Dune.” This classic science fiction franchise has inspired everything from “Star Wars” to “Warhammer.” The book revolves around Paul Atreides, a messianic “chosen one” of sorts, and his followers as they fight to overthrow the brutal imperium and create a new future for the human race. The books touch upon many concepts from religion, politics and war crimes as the many factions of the empire fight each other with many differing human goals.

Paul is by no means a great hero, but in many ways, he is actually an anti-hero who forms a new religion and leads a bloody path across the universe, killing billions in the name of a better future for humanity. The books deal in prophecy and the density that sometimes demands we sell our soul for the great good but also how the most brutal of conflicts and beliefs about the universe are engineered by human beings for their own agendas.

The books heavily challenge the readers to think about things we take for granted, like faith, politics and who we love. The universe is deep in its lore and world-building in the form of the empire and its many factions and houses in it, which have been fighting amongst themselves for tens of thousands of years.

The books touch on how they all fight for the most important world in the universe and its spice in which whoever controls it controls the empire. The book shows how space travels and expansion across space will affect humans and how we evolve. The books have many concepts like “Star Wars” and its own version of the force. They also delve deep into the human soul and how one masters their own injuries. With the new film on the way, I highly recommend this world for everyone who grew with “Star Wars,” in order to see where it all began.