“Attack on Titan” Review

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

So, the last season of “Attack on Titan” is here, and I’m sad and grateful all at once. The show is darker than ever, ranging from themes of genocide, race hate, gritty war from the era of World War 2, and grimdark standards of morality. The show captures how one man’s hero is another’s murder.

The show takes place in a bleak, steam punk, nazi-like nation with a massive race divide based in a long history of war. The show jumps around in the timeline and shows how those born as literal demons deal with a world that hates them almost as much as they hate themselves.

The show brings the titan battles up to 100 percent. In a time when we are dealing with a very bleak conflict over history, and how it still exists in our world today, we could all learn from this show and how it teaches us that we are all people and that it is on us to learn from the past, but also to work to build a better future.