Confessions of a Part Time Indian review

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A book I spend a lot of time reading is “The Confessions of a Part Time Indian.” It is raunchy, filled with the hell of puberty boyhood, and living in racist America from the lens of a Native American boy and his community.

The book really takes one out of the comfort seat and deals with a lot with racism and how those on the receiving end deal with it. It is filled with the day-to-day life on a reservation, and it is a grim story a young teenager living this way.

The book deals with one trying to be who they dream of being but also how much you will give up to get it. It really hits deep with the family-like reservation and how everyone looks out for the main character but also about the loss of this family and where everyone goes in realizing one’s future.

The book is very funny and raunchy, so anyone over the age of 15 shouldn’t read it. It opens a lot of inner doors on how others live their lives and how we deal with them.