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Chicken Gnocchi Soup Recipe

Chicken Gnocchi soup.
December 10, 2020

Instead of the usual turkey or ham (or even one year, a fish fry), my mother decided to make soup as the main entrée for the Thanksgiving meal. But not just any soup; my favorite soup from Olive Garden:...

Honey-glazed chicken with rice and peas an easy, delicious meal

December 10, 2020

Honey-glazed chicken with rice and peas is probably one of the best recipes that I’ve found in the past month. I’ve made it about seven times since I found it, and I have yet to become tired of...

Oaxacan Tamales to Pass the Time  

Oaxacan Tamales to Pass the Time  
November 11, 2020

The last days of October and the first few of November are the spookiest ones of the year. Halloween is eagerly celebrated on the 31st of the month — people host great gatherings...

Mahi-mahi with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce 

September 30, 2020

With all that’s been happening surrounding the pandemic, it’s easy for us to go to the basic comfort foods, just to have some sort of fuel for our bodies, in order to keep trudging through...

Farmer’s Market quesadillas with chunky salsa

Farmer’s Market quesadillas with chunky salsa
September 13, 2011

Fall is almost upon us, and you can feel it get rather chilly over the past few days. Tomatoes and peppers will soon be gone from the seasonal produce section, so try these hearty quesadillas before those...

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