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Everyone Needs to Feel Connected

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor March 2, 2016

As a person in long-term recovery, recovery from alcohol and other drugs, like heroin, nicotine, and all of the collective events of my life, I am, of course in a state of constant, fluid development....

Smoking still not allowed on campus

Josh Zytkiewicz, Managing Editor March 2, 2016

While walking into the building last Monday, I had to walk past three different individuals who were smoking on campus property. In case you weren’t aware, smoking is not allowed. Smoking has been banned...


All roads lead to something better

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor February 4, 2016

Some of us know that there are many roads to recovery, but what many of us do not know are the various ways in which to recover. Take, for example, 12 step recovery: 12 step recovery has been a landmark...


Recovery Corner – From gutter punk to columnist

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor November 10, 2015

As of June 7, 2015, I have been clean for six full years. The events leading up to the moment of waking up in a solitary jail cell, detoxing from drugs, and simply astounded and in all ways exhausted from...

Forgiveness leads to acceptance

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor October 27, 2015

This week, I’d like to talk about forgiveness. What I think of as forgiveness probably differs from yours, because we’re different people. Some things can exist on common ground, and maybe that’s...

Recovery corner: Rockin’ Recovery Rally is Sept. 19

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor September 16, 2015

September is National Alcohol and Drug Awareness Recovery Month. This is bound to be a very exciting month for the recovering population, as President Obama is set to host a recovery month dinner and online...

Reaching out can save lives

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor September 16, 2015

The world is a beautiful place, full of love, with many wondrous and exciting adventures awaiting our discovery, but some of us will never learn this fact. There is an alarming number of people who suffer...

Recovery happens with the help of your community

Patrick Kempfer, Copy Editor May 11, 2015

Many people claim to know and understand the origins of addiction, while only a few have actually obtained the education to back up those claims. There are many pathways one may use, often unwittingly,...

Recovery happens: Community resources available

Patrick Kempfer, Copy Editor April 24, 2015

Summer is fast approaching. Soon we will all have much more time on our hands. Time to be in society, with friends and family, and having fun in the sun. But armed even with the best intentions, situations...

Maintaining independence essential in relationships

Pat Kempfer, Copy Editor April 7, 2015

I happen to know from personal experience that people early in the recovery stage can find themselves in relationships, and not have it ruin their recovery or their life. This is not common, but it is...

Recovery Happens: A God of my understanding

Patrick Kempfer, Copy Editor March 30, 2015

In my recovery process I have altered my concept of “God” numerous times, yet never felt as if I were abandoning any previous concept. I am always changing, therefore, my ideas and beliefs are always...

A sponsor can help people in recovery

Patrick Kempfer, Copy Editor March 5, 2015

Regardless of the how or why, there are people still suffering, both in and out of relationships. Sadly, they are continually overlooking what they can do for themselves, even though they already have...

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