Smoking still not allowed on campus

Josh Zytkiewicz, Managing Editor

While walking into the building last Monday, I had to walk past three different individuals who were smoking on campus property. In case you weren’t aware, smoking is not allowed. Smoking has been banned on campus since 2010. Violations of this rule can be punished with a $10 fine from Public Safety.

Not only is it a school rule, it’s a City of Madison ordinance. Section 23.05 of the City of Madison general ordinances prohibits smoking on the property of any educational facility and specifically mentions Madison College. Violators of this ordinance can be fined $125 for the first offense and $500 for each additional offense.

If the loss of large amounts of money doesn’t deter you from smoking on campus, perhaps I can appeal to your humanity.

For many students walking through a cloud of smoke is merely an inconvenience. But some students with asthma and other health issues, breathing in smoke can have dire consequences. Do you want to be the one responsible for someone’s asthma attack?

For many of you smoking is no longer a choice. You’re addicted. Nicotine is hard to give up.

If you would like to quit there are resources to help. The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line is available 24/7 at 1-800-QUIT-NOW. Right here at Madison College you can speak with Health Educator Anna Marie Hoffmann. She will meet one-on-one with any student wanting to quit and help them choose the best course, whether that’s cold turkey, nicotine replacement, or medication.

You can contact her at [email protected] or 608-245-1116.

Finally, though you can smoke on the city sidewalks around the campus, please try to be considerate.

Stand on the less used sidewalks. When you’re with a group, leave space for people to pass. And when you’re finished put your cigarette butts in the trash.