Celebration of Student Success

Student leaders, groups and staff honored at event


Andres Sanchez

Ousmane Nikiema, center, and Ben Wiest, right, hand out awards at the annual Celebration of Student Success held on April 20 in Room D1630 at the Truax Campus.

Kaleia Lawrence, Editor in Chief

Celebrating some of the good work at Madison College was the goal of the Student Success Awards Program. The annual event was held both in person and virtually this year. Over 90 students were nominated in the various categories.

Four students received the Karen Roberts Student Life Leadership Award, the highest recognition for student leaders at the school. The winners were Deborah Moreno, Talita Maciel, Sean Green and Kaleia Lawrence.

Moreno served as WolfPack Volunteers Coordinator for the Volunteer Center. Maciel was the Phi Theta Kappa President. Green was the Student Senate President and Lawrence was the Editor in Chief of The Clarion.

Three students were honored for completing the Student Life Leadership Certificate: Maya Greengus, H. Wendyam Ilboudo and Kelsey McGuire. To achieve this award, students must complete 20 hours of civic engagement, hold a leadership position at the college, take part in leadership development activities and interview community leaders.

Other honors presented were:

Outstanding Student Employee of the Year – Axl Bradshaw, Jaydn Hayes and Emilio Machado.

Devi Bhargava Award – Ashley Young .

Terry S. Webb Shared Governance Leadership Award – Jack Shockey and Katrina Willis .

Student Senate Merit Award – Ella Jiang.

Student Excellence in Diversity Award – Ashley Young and Pedro Zepeda Samano.

Student Ambassadors of Distinction – Ben Wiest, Noely Bonilla, Deborah Moreno and Valarie Behling.

Club Advisor of the Year – Courtney Dicmas.

Outstanding Student Group for Academic Achievement –Creative Arts Collective and Wolves in Research .

Outstanding Student Club of the Year – La Raza Unida.

Outstanding Student Organization of the Year – Student Senate.

Outstanding Student Group Award for Community Service – Fitness and Recreation Association.

Outstanding Student Tutor of the Year – Albert Mensah, Kynda Zidani, Lyon Chen and Saheed Afolabi.

President’s Volunteer Award- Ella Jiang and Katrina Veltrice Willis.

Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Academic Advancement – Cathryn Abrajan .

Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology – Ryder Collupy and Kendrixe Mone’.

Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Health Sciences – Kyle Donovan and Lauren Daering.

Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Arts, Humanities and Sciences – Amy Moreland and H. Wendyam Ilbouda.

Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Human and Protective Services, Law and Education – Justin Shaffer and Monica Caldwell.

Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Business and Applied Arts – America Silva and Eli Brunett.

Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Nursing- Ayele Dossavi and Heidi Hughes.
Exemplary Learner of the Year, School of Technologies and Trades- Chris Hendricks and Midge Cross.

Alternative Break Recognition- Arya Keithireddy, Madalyn Beunig, Zora Smith and Yana Samanta.

International Student Volunteer- H. Wendyam Ilboudo and Kendrixe Mone’.
WolfPack Volunteer Recognition- Jay Cho, Julian Morales Grande, Lexie Wilberding, Mariana Barksdale, Nihar Srikakolapu, Rohith Ravikumar, Wendpanga Tapsoba, Ella Jiang, Yana Samanta and H. Wendyam Ilboudo.

Distinguished Teachers of the Year – Dr. Alexis Middleton, Wendy Harris and Teri Gorder.