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Women now allowed in combat

Women in combat illustration

Ana Bon, Artistic Director

January 20, 2016

Uniforms ill-fitted, they sacrificed their long hair, wrapped their breasts and filled the waist of their trousers. This was the process, risking body and mind to be able to fight for their country. Women, disguised as men, dating back to the Revolutionary and Civil War. Such actions will no longer...

War is not a video game

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor

November 25, 2015

Video game technology has made some amazing advances in recent decades. When I was 10 years-old, my mom got me my very first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and with that, came the Nintendo NES Zapper, a grey, plastic gun used for the game, Duck Hunt. I was very good at Duck Hunt, and I really enjoyed...

Ongoing war takes toll on civilians

David Feyen, Social Media Editor

October 16, 2014

Conflicts and wars ultimately end with both sides losing soldiers in battle, which is unfortunate but expected. What is not expected is the death of innocent civilians on the battlefield that are not part of the fight. Since the beginning of the Iraq invasion in 2003, far too many innocent civilians...

Drumbeats of war are sounding, this time over Iran

Max Blaska, Staff writer

March 6, 2012

Nine years ago, the drumbeats of war were beating loud. We were told about Uranium in Africa, and weapons of mass destruction and we were eventually led into an unnecessary war with Iraq. The drumbeats of war are beating again, this time in regards to Iran. This might not even be a war of our choosing....

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