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Presidential debate a mess, vice-presidential debate a success

Hannah Dotzler, Copy Editor

October 14, 2020

Within the past few weeks, we have seen two of the most important events of the presidential election, with the first presidential debate of 2020 on Sept. 29 and the vice-presidential debate on Oct. 7. These debates, although centered around simila...

Power of the youth vote is key

Jacob Ringelstetter, Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

Young people comprise a huge portion of the eligible voting population, yet the number of young people who show up to the polls on election day has dwindled since the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 by President Nixon in 1971. As the population grows, the youngest of voters will continue to...

You need ID to vote

Stephanie Riedel, Staff Writer

January 20, 2016

If ever there was a scene to inspire you to hit the polls this presidential election, it’s three girls on a stage in red, white and blue dresses singing, “Cowardice; are you serious? Apologies for freedom; I can’t handle this! When freedom rings, answer the call! Up on your feet, stand up tall!”...

Do your job, vote!

Vote illustration

Kimberly Michal, Staff Writer

January 19, 2016

President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address is a song of hope, compassion, and a message to motivate our nation that has become so besides itself, so increasingly drowned in fear that two-thirds of us don’t do our job as citizens. We don’t vote on a regular basis. The president...

Change only happens when you vote

Vote illustration

Elliott Puckette, Copy Editor

December 10, 2015

To start, I just want to say that I love comedians, especially political ones. It is because of political comedians that I became interested in the political process and can today count myself as a reasonably well-informed member of society. The role of rebellious satirist is an important one; we need...

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