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How to make the most out of Valentine’s Day

How to make the most out of Valentine’s Day

Kaleia Lawrence, Opinion Editor February 3, 2021

Ah yes, the day after New Year's only means one thing: love is in the air and out on every display at the store. Heart shaped cookies, pink and white cupcakes, and big red balloons aggress you as soon...

Valentine’s Day can kiss it

Brighid A. Monahan, Staff Writer February 4, 2016

Valentine’s Day, aka the worst day of the entire year, will be here soon. Not only is this mushy, lovey-dovey holiday a pain to any single person, it also takes love and commercializes it. No matter...

Find your happiness every day

Kimberly Michal, Staff Writer February 3, 2016

Dear single people; stop hating Valentines Day. Americans spend thousands of dollars on each other every year on one day. What do they do it for? We do it for the chance for one moment of happiness....

Love in the time of social media

Brett Stoeger, Broadcast Editor February 19, 2015

It’s Valentine’s Day. Cupid hovers above a drowsy class of students, carefully deciding which two will be on the receiving end of this year’s arrows of love. A familiar scene with a contemporary...

Snuggle up with your favorite Valentine’s film

Mike Alexander, Staff Writer February 5, 2015

With the holiday season at an end, it’s time to take down the mistletoe and lawn ornaments and bring out the flowers and heart shaped candies. That’s right ladies and gentlemen; Valentine’s Day is...

Interesting facts about Valentine’s Day

Michael Klein, Editor in Chief February 14, 2014

From as early as elementary school, Valentine’s Day is engrained in us as an important holiday. Our moms bought us a box of whichever Valentine was coolest at the time. We spent class time decorating...

It’s the season for love songs

Erin Johnsrud, Staff Writer February 5, 2014

Love, countless poems, books, plays, movies and songs are written about its beginning, ending, and every stage in between. I’ll confess to not being a huge fan of love songs … when I’m not in love....

Be my Valentine?

Be my Valentine?

February 6, 2013

Students passed Valentine's Day messages to fellow students, friends and family for WinterFest at Truax's Student Lounge.

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