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Ben Ratliffe reminds employees to votes for union membership. If an employee does not vote by April 21, it will be counted as a “no.”

Annual union re-certification process begins

Marisa Comeau-Kerege, News Editor April 8, 2015

This year marks the beginning of annual union re-certification elections at Madison College.  Since the Act 10 bill went through in 2011, many appeals and adjustments have been made resulting in the current...

Madison College and union respond to deficit

Kait Vosswinkel, News Editor February 22, 2012

The college is facing another substantial deficit of about $1.5 million in the 2012-2013 projected budget because, in part, of a property tax freeze and cuts in revenue sharing in the biennial state budget. Many...

Nightwatchman inspires the ‘Union City’ with music

Nightwatchman inspires the ‘Union City’ with music

Phil Ejercito, Clarion Photographer September 13, 2011

It was a different world the last time Tom Morello picked up a guitar in Madison, Wis. In mid-February, passage of Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill and its controversial provisions stripping public...

Public sector employees speak out against cuts

Jon Mack, Staff Writer June 28, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill will have a profound impact on the families of public sector workers.  It also will seriously impact the quality of life for all citizens of Wisconsin. Teachers,...

Your View: Students oppose budget cuts to higher education

Jon Mack, Madison College student June 28, 2011

Dear Editor, Gov. Scott Walker’s 2011-2013 budget and his so called, “Budget Repair Bill” are a direct assault on Madison Area Technical College students and workers. Walker’s budget would decimate...

Letter to the Editor: Benefits of Unions

Cinder Roherty April 13, 2011

Dear Editor, In college I read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair. It was not an enjoyable book. It chronicled the conditions in which immigrants worked in Chicago, during the turn of the twentieth...

Leaders fail to unite people by playing political games

Greg Kuper, Staff Writer March 9, 2011

In only 235 years, our country was born, grew, flourished and now is dying. America’s upswing was because of great people who united and led Americans to greatness and freedom. The death of this country...

It’s money vs. people in battle between big business and unions

Jon Mack, Staff Writer March 9, 2011

This is war. It has been for years. Only this time, it didn’t go down how it was supposed to. The middle class fought back. The obscenely wealthy and their Republican henchmen have gotten so used to...

Letter to the Editor: An end to fairness, public education

Bob Curry, Vice President, Part-Time Teachers Union February 23, 2011

Dear Madison College, One and All, This week illustrates with 100 percent clarity that labor is the very lifeblood of education in this country. As labor goes, so goes education. Every job in this school,...

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