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Digital Literacy from Madison College Libraries

Rachel Becker, Librarian February 3, 2021

Online learning and accessing technology can be daunting for even the most seasoned learner. Navigating and digesting information is even more critical today than ever before but at the same time more...

War is not a video game

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor November 25, 2015

Video game technology has made some amazing advances in recent decades. When I was 10 years-old, my mom got me my very first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and with that, came the Nintendo NES Zapper,...

Futuristic technology is already here

Mike Alexander, Copy Editor February 19, 2015

We live in a world where almost every facet of our lives has been improved in some way by science. In the last decade alone, we have seen technology advance by leaps and bounds; spanning from business,...

College to offer Mobile Marketing Certificate in fall 2013

George Treviranus, Editor-in-Chief April 24, 2013

Madison College students can look forward to the Mobile Marketing Certificate this fall semester. This new, competitive certificate will teach students the product-planning end of consumer marketing on...

Changing the way you learn

Changing the way you learn

Ellen La Luzerne, Staff Writer December 4, 2012

Free online classes open to anyone interested in the topic being taught could be in Madison College’s future. A group from the college is looking into offering massive open online courses (MOOCs), but...

Technology professionals and students learn about vital work skills

Sarah Weatherbee, Copy Editor December 3, 2012

Being an IT professional in today’s world requires knowing how to connect technical skills with executive leadership. Kathie Topel, of Chicago-based Impact Insights technology service firm, spoke on...

Our view: Community setting not attainable in online classes

Clarion Editorial Board December 3, 2012

It is disappointing to see Madison College’s news writing class switch to a fully online format for the spring semester. The class should be taught either in-person or in its current hybrid form, but...

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