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8 books to read before the movie comes out

Tom Hanks stars as Alan Clay in

Cristina Springfield, Librarian

April 20, 2016

Why read the book before the movie comes out? Well for one, the plot is richer. A movie doesn’t usually run much more than two hours long. How long would it take you to finish a really good book? If you are like me, then two hours would only get me a few chapters in. Adapting a book to a movie...

Exploring the Wisconsin experience

Christina Springfield, Librarian

March 23, 2016

I have a confession to make. Growing up, I never gave nonfiction books a chance. Compared to the thrill I got trying to name the real killer in a mystery novel, immersing myself in the fantastical happenings of a story imbued with magical realism, or escaping via spaceship to another galaxy far, far...

Cassandra Clare’s work is well worth reading

“Lady Midnight: is a sequel to the series “The Mortal Instruments.”

Allison Althof, Staff Writer

March 22, 2016

If you haven’t heard of Cassandra Clare and “The Shadowhunter Chronicles” before, then it is time for you to learn about a collection of books full of adventure, comedy, romance, and some soul crushing writing. Clare opened our eyes to the shadow world back in 2007 with the release of the first...

Print or electronic? Both offered at library

Jennifer Kasch, Librarian

March 2, 2016

Recently the book world has witnessed a surprising trend, a decrease in e-book sales and e-book reader ownership and a preference amongst many students for print books. As a student, which do you prefer to use? The Madison College Libraries offer some books in print and others electronically to accommodate...

Adding zombies to ‘Pride and Prejudice’ entertaining

Bella Heathcote and Lily James in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

Allison Althof, Office Manager

March 2, 2016

Jane Austen marked her place in history 200 years ago when she began publishing books like “Sense and Sensibility” and “Mansfield Park”. Though it wasn’t her first piece of published work, Austen’s most well known novel is probably the infamous "Pride and Prejudice". For those who do...

The surprising benefits of reading

Dana Ryals, Librarian

February 4, 2016

Whether you love it or loathe it, it is well known that reading has substantial lifelong benefits for ourselves and our children. If you find yourself in the group of those that don’t read outside of class, perhaps this article will serve as an inspiration to try something new in 2016 – becoming...

‘A Man Called Ove’ warms your heart

Ana Bon, Artistic Director

January 19, 2016

“A Man Called Ove” is a novel by Fredrik Bachman. Originally published in Sweden, it is Bachman’s first novel and a number one bestseller. It is now published all over the world in over 25 languages. It tells the story of Ove, a grumpy man with a noble heart. Ove’s life since childhood has...

Discover this historical novel

Antonia Villalon, Broadcast Editor

January 19, 2016

“A Discovery of Witches” is a historical fiction novel written by historical writer, wine enthusiast and University of Southern California instructor Deborah Harkness. The novel is about Diana Bishop, a witch in denial about who she is and a 1500-year-old vampire known by the name of Mathew Clairmont....

Winter is Here: A Game of Thrones Reading Group

Dana Ryals & Kelley Minica, Librarian

November 29, 2015

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.” Jojen Reed to Bran Stark in Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin As any member of George R. R. Martin’s Stark family will tell you, winter is here. Have you been putting off reading the A Song...

Cameron Jace ‘Insanity’ book review

Insanity Book Cover

Allison Althoff, Staff Writer

November 25, 2015

Retellings are a popular way of taking a story you have heard multiple times and putting a creative twist on them. One classic story that has gone through a number of retellings, both creative and classic, is “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. The original story was published...

Recovery corner: Book helps bring clarity

Patrick Kempfer, Opinion Editor

October 14, 2015

“Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them too, even when you are in the dark. Even when you’re falling.” – Morrie Schwartz There are few things, if any, in...

The Martian book review

Allison Althof, Staff Writer

October 14, 2015

When the odds are stacked and an entire planet is out to get you, would you give up or fight? Throughout the history of literature there have been hundreds of books about human survival, but “The Martian” by Andy Weir puts basic human instinct on a different level. Thanks to the recent movie...

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