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Yes, Black Lives Matter

Students protesting at the State Capitol rotunda in Madison earlier this month hold a banner proclaiming, “Black Lives Matter.”

Patrick Kempfer, Copy Editor

March 25, 2015

When we talk about the Black Community, and that Black Lives Matter, the immediate response from so many is the retort that “All Lives Matter.” The seriousness, urgency, and desperate call for help is lost in poorly enforced semantics. To insist that All Lives Matter as a contrite way of contesting...

Letter to the Editor: Rushing plan prevents analysis of impact

Association of Career Employees

February 23, 2011

Dear Editor, The Association of Career Employees (ACE) has served as a voice for civil service employees for nearly 30 years. ACE is not a union, but works to insulate the civil service from political involvement in retaining and compensating employees. The Wisconsin civil service system celebrated...

Letter to the Editor: A week of protesting

Luciano Vignali

February 23, 2011

Dear fellow students and teachers of Wisconsin,   It’s an amazing thing to see all these people from different parts of the country come together and lend a hand. I have been at this protest since Tuesday and slept in the Capitol every night so far. It has definitely been an experience...

High tuition rates bring world-wide student response

Cristalyne Bell & Sarah Blaskey, Staff Writers

January 12, 2011

As classes resume, students are again faced with the frustration of paying high tuition rates. Less governmental support for education due to the international economic crisis has led to budget cuts, tuition increases and privatization. For months students around the globe have been protesting for...

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