Letter to the Editor: A week of protesting

Luciano Vignali

Dear fellow students and teachers of Wisconsin,


It’s an amazing thing to see all these people from different parts of the country come together and lend a hand. I have been at this protest since Tuesday and slept in the Capitol every night so far.

It has definitely been an experience of a lifetime to see protestors caring for one another as if they were family. You wouldn’t believe the generosity of everyone handing out food or drinks.

At night the energy doesn’t die, it just forms into a “quiet riot” to be courteous of other sleeping protestors.

During the time that I have been here the rally has grown exponentially day by day. The more people that show up the more unified we become. It’s knowing that people care enough to do what they have to do to make it here that makes us all proud Americans. It shows that the people will not allow their voices to not be heard. Maybe this is just what the doctor ordered for us all, a chance to show the “Head Honchos,” that we the people have power by the masses.

I have seen so many families with their children with them this past week. The diversity of this protest is immense. Demonstrators including high school students, college students of Wisconsin (as well as the U.S.), union workers of all America, and even Jessie Jackson.

I am sure this will be a lesson for everyone to remember and a big part of our future. I’m overjoyed to know that people aren’t giving up. Persistence pays off and I think the people can feel it. It’s not just being here that makes you want to shout, it’s knowing that you are among thousands of other others that are here with you.

It’s an amazing feeling and going to be an even greater memory. I would hope that everyone can be a part of their own dreams. My dream is right here in Madison, Wis. with all these powerful assertive protestors that just won’t give in.

I love Wisconsin.

Luciano Vignali