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An estimated 20,000 people gathered outside the State Capitol in mid-February in protest of anti-imigration legislation.

Time has passed, will the bills?

Mouna Algahaithi and Nicolas LaMorte March 2, 2016

“I am an American citizen but my heart is illegal,” one sign read, held up high amongst the thousands of signs in the crowd gathered at the state capitol on Feb. 18 demanding acknowledgment and equality...

Support the Latino march for equity

Nicolas LaMorte, Editor in chief February 17, 2016

On Feb. 18, at 10 a.m., thousands of people from Madison, Milwaukee and its surrounding communities will gather outside the state capitol building to protest two pieces of legislation. Senate Bill 533...

Capitol Occupation: Protestors yield building after win in court case

Sarah Blaskey, Managing Editor March 9, 2011

Inside the Capitol, drums kept time for 18 days as people of various ages and backgrounds joined in the protest against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill. During those days, the people who occupied...

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