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It’s business as usual for the library — well, kind of

Julie Gores, Dean of Libraries & Academic Support Services September 2, 2020

When we all switched to remote learning in mid-March, a colleague joked that he wished he worked for the library because we were already providing remote services and resources.  He was only partially...

Libraries & Academic Support Services at Madison College


Jennifer Kasch, Librarian December 5, 2018

Did you know that nearly one-in-five Americans now listen to audiobooks? That’s according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in January 2018. Audiobooks are highly portable and they’re great...

Libraries & Academic Support Services at Madison College


Kelley Minica and Mark Luetkehoelter, Librarians November 21, 2018

According to the Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media fact sheet from July 2018, the percentage of podcast listeners in America has substantially increased over the past decade, with 44 percent...

Libraries & Academic Support Services at Madison College


Autumn Hall-Tun, Librarian November 7, 2018

What does community mean to you? How has your community helped you, supported you, and driven you to succeed despite difficulty? This fall, the Madison College Libraries and Academic Support Services...

Libraries & Academic Support Services at Madison College


Dana Ryals, Librarian September 26, 2018

Sept. 26 marks National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. To those of you who are not women – no one says you can’t think about your health too! Relax, get comfortable, and perhaps grab a nice cup...

Libraries & Academic Support Services at Madison College


Gail Powers-Schaub, Student Achievement Center Director September 12, 2018

Did you know students who study in groups, if they stay focused and on task, learn 2.5 times more than students who study alone? That’s the conclusion of a 1984 study by D.W. Johnson and R.T. Johnson...

Exploring the Wisconsin experience

Christina Springfield, Librarian March 23, 2016

I have a confession to make. Growing up, I never gave nonfiction books a chance. Compared to the thrill I got trying to name the real killer in a mystery novel, immersing myself in the fantastical happenings...

Library staff fondly recalls holiday traditions

Renee Anhalt, Librarian December 10, 2015

Holidays are instilled with traditions shared by family and friends. Here’s a glimpse of how the library staff celebrates the holidays … For many years, someone was always gifted a box of chocolates...

Earth Day at the library: Use less paper

Dana Ryals, Librarian April 24, 2015

This year for Earth Day, instead of planting a tree or joining a roadside pick-up crew, why not adopt a new, earth-friendly habit? Planting trees and participating in roadside crews are certainly good...

Unlimited possibilities at your library

Erika Linzner, LIbrarian April 7, 2015

Each year, the American Library Association sets aside one week in mid-April to celebrate libraries and highlight the role they play in our schools, colleges, and communities. This year’s National...

Libraries provide access, regardless of device format

Atumn Hall-Tun, Librarian March 30, 2015

Do you ever think about how much you read in an average day? Text is everywhere, with much of what we read coming to us via smartphone or computer screens. Throughout the day we’re inundated with text...

Academy Awards nominees face questions

Kelley Minica, Librarian February 19, 2015

The Academy Awards are Sunday, Feb. 22. Every year there is some kind of controversy surrounding the nominations. This year’s big issue seems to be the historical accuracy of some of the Best Picture...

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