Library staff fondly recalls holiday traditions

Renee Anhalt, Librarian

Holidays are instilled with traditions shared by family and friends. Here’s a glimpse of how the library staff celebrates the holidays …

For many years, someone was always gifted a box of chocolates and would be pressured into sharing with everyone present. – Christina

We always had hot spiced cider in the crock pot when we were opening presents for Christmas morning. – Dana

Each year when I was growing up my Grandpa would give each of his grandchildren a brown paper treat bag full of goodies. The treats included chocolate angel candy, hard candy, peanut brittle and nuts in the shell. Several years ago my sister and I started the tradition back up with the help of our kids.  – Debbie
My mom’s side of the family meets in Kentucky at my grandparents’ house. This is difficult when I live in Wisconsin, my cousins are in San Francisco, and my sister is a nurse! Weather permitting; we like to get a bonfire going after our dinner out on the land. – Emma

My family has a “Junk Food Christmas Eve” – usually all homemade party foods/appetizers along with some store bought favorites. We also watch “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” (animated). – Erika 

When I was a little girl, every Christmas Eve my dad would take me and my five brothers and sisters to pick up my grandparents from their house. While we were gone, my mom would bring out all of our gifts and put them in our pre-chosen spot we picked for Santa’s haul. My mom would let my grandparents’ phone ring once as a signal that she was done and it was safe to come home. When we got home, we lined up youngest to oldest (I always got to go first as the youngest) in the kitchen and then ran into the living room to our stash, all the while dad filmed us on his 8 mm camera. – Lisa 

Growing up, my siblings would tease me with the phrase, “Tonight’s the night,” referring to Christmas Eve when Santa would visit. They took much delight in both irritating and exciting me, the youngest. To this day, they still like to whisper the phrase on the phone to me. Naturally, I’ve passed the tradition on to my own daughter. – Matt
When we send out holiday cards, we include our Top Ten Movie Lists for the year. We’re not sure anyone really wants them, but we send them anyway. – Mark L.

Every year we drive through Olin Park and look at the lights before the big family gift exchange. – Mark P.

We celebrate during the first week of December. A different family member will volunteer or are randomly selected by the size of their home. Traditionally, everyone brings a dish or two and homemade gifts or purchased presents (even to make up missing people’s birthdays). – Myles

Happy Holidays from the Libraries & Academic Support Services staff!