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Key issues for Madison College students

Bailey Ayres and Megan Behnke March 23, 2016

We recently polled a class of 15 Madison College students representing varying areas of study and ages to find out what their top concerns are as students heading to the polls on April 5. The top six...

Planned Parenthood’s mission is often misunderstood. A Planned Parenthood clinic is located near campus at 3760 Orin Road.

Planned Parenthood’s primary focus is providing comprehensive sex education

Brighid Monahan, Staff Writer October 29, 2015

Care. No matter what. That is the mission statement for Planed Parenthood of Wisconsin.  With such a profound slogan as this, you would be surprised by how much people oppose this idea.  The Madison...

Battle over health care hurting people, not Obama

Nicholas Garton, Sports Editor October 9, 2013

About a month and a half ago my family gathered at our home in Elkhart Lake to commemorate the 10th anniversary of my father’s death. My Dad died suddenly from cancer in 2003. It was a renegade form...

Studies on electro magnetic fields should be a higher priority for USA

Ellie Dahlquist, Opinion Editor October 25, 2012

I am allergic to modern living – and currently, there’s not much I can do about it. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are omni-present in everyday life. Everyone has a cell phone, and there are constantly...

Healthcare service now available at Truax

Ryan Spoehr, Clarion Editor in Chief August 29, 2011

After months of delay, the Truax campus is offering free healthcare on campus. There is now a health clinic that has been built adjacent to the vet tech area near the corner of Anderson and Stoughton road. “We’re...

Health Care for All

Jennifer Abplanalp, Opinions Editor February 9, 2011

Our health is in many ways in the hands of for-profit corporations. The Affordable Health Care Act seeks to make health care available to everyone. It does so, for example, by requiring insurance companies...

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