Planned Parenthood’s primary focus is providing comprehensive sex education


Nicholas Bargren

Planned Parenthood’s mission is often misunderstood. A Planned Parenthood clinic is located near campus at 3760 Orin Road.

Brighid Monahan, Staff Writer

Care. No matter what. That is the mission statement for Planed Parenthood of Wisconsin.  With such a profound slogan as this, you would be surprised by how much people oppose this idea. 

The Madison College Truax campus is incredibly close to one of Planned Parenthood’s major Wisconsin clinics, located at 3760 Orin Road.  

As I pass in front of the building several protesters eagerly are also passing out flyers that say things like “Why are Wisconsin’s tax dollars Funding Wisconsin’s #1 Abortion Provider!” or “How many babies are murdered in your county each year?” The sidewalk is covered in words also protesting Planned Parenthood: “Choose Planned Parenthood or Jesus. You can’t do both.”

A lot of the shock talk done by protesters and people opposed to Planned Parenthood gives people the wrong impression about the organization.  Contrary to what protestors’ handouts may say, Planned Parenthood isn’t an abortion mill.  

The main focus of Planned Parenthood is education. They strive to bring comprehensive sex education into the classroom.  They call it “comprehensive”  because it aims to educate people about abstinence as well as other modes of pregnancy prevention, such as condoms and oral contraceptives. Planned Parenthood also offers birth control for a lower price than most pharmacies. This can be helpful to women who don’t possess health insurance. Planned Parenthood also provides pregnancy tests, mammograms, and men’s sexual healthcare along with sexual healthcare for women.  Planned Parenthood is focused on the sexual health of America. 

Across the street from Planned Parenthood is the Women’s Care Center. This organization is dedicated to women and their babies. “Once you are pregnant and decide to keep the baby we can be your mental health support system,” Says Kila Hagie, the center’s director. “Pregnancy can be a big strain on a woman’s mental and physical health. We are here to help with that process and provide services for new mothers.”  

The Women’s Care Center provides free Ultrasounds and free pregnancy tests.  Women’s Care Center is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.