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Provost Terry Webb counters enrollment and budget planning critics

Michael Klein, News Editor

March 20, 2013

Recent media coverage has been critical of Madison College’s declining enrollment figures. The numbers haven’t matched the school’s own projections and will likely result in budget cuts. This news comes despite the new buildings being primed for use. Students and faculty may be concerned by this...

ATHLETICS’ PITCHMEN: Team’s fundraising efforts help offset costs of trips, scholarships

Baseball practice

Troy Bruzewski, Sports editor

March 6, 2013

Before the umpire hollers “play ball,” most universities and colleges are hearing “pay ball” during the offseason. Madison College is no different. Coaches, including baseball coach Mike Davenport, say fundraising efforts by teams raise money needed to augment an athletic program. Davenport...

Scott Walker talks budget, school accountability plans

Scott Walker speaking

Sarah Weatherbee, Copy Editor

December 21, 2012

Scott Walker has recently had a lot to say about education. Students and administrators may want to listen a little closer. He has a few goals going into the next budget, one of which is his accountability plan for educational goals and outcomes. A future state budget is slated to tie dollars to...

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