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What Happened in Milwaukee?

Pat Kempfer, Staff Writer August 23, 2016

Milwaukee has long been a city known for its rich history of blue-collars, Brewers baseball, domestic beers, and social unrest, even predating the 1967 riots that took four lives and resulted in 100 injured...

Reality check ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Mouna Algahaithi, News Editor September 16, 2015

When asked about how his group’s music glamorizes gangs, drugs, and violence, rapper Ice Cube replied with a reality check many people needed to hear: “Our art is a reflection of our reality.” He...

Students hold a banner in the State Capitol rotunda during a protest earlier this month.

Racial disparities are a community challenge

Patrick Kempfer, Copy Editor March 31, 2015

It has been 50 years now since the Selma to Montgomery marches, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other Civil rights activists, flooded the airwaves, newsstands, and jail cells of this country, and...

Students protesting at the State Capitol rotunda in Madison earlier this month hold a banner proclaiming, “Black Lives Matter.”

Yes, Black Lives Matter

Patrick Kempfer, Copy Editor March 25, 2015

When we talk about the Black Community, and that Black Lives Matter, the immediate response from so many is the retort that “All Lives Matter.” The seriousness, urgency, and desperate call for help...

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Black Lives Matter