Editor plans to fight off Zombies during Freak Fest

George Treviranus, Editor

It’s Halloween. That means I’ll in costume, fighting off zombies. Since I live on State street, I can only imagine this will be my routine all throughout Freak Fest. I’ve chosen to be a character from one of my favorite puzzle-horror video games, “Catherine.”

Not that I’m a fan of self-deprication, but I didn’t realize that I’m not as tall and lanky as the character I’m trying to portray. But I digress.

The Clarion staff will be off to Chicago for the national journalism conference. Hopefully we win an award or two. By the time you read our next issue, we won’t even be here.

Speaking of next issue, the time of chaos has finally arrived. We’re busting our chops for these next two issues; this one and Oct. 31 for the election.

We will be attempting to put together full coverage of the election, so don’t forget to check it out. It will be in a different format, only featuring candidate coverage and commentary in combination with other news. Please vote! It’s kind of important. You may or may not be rewarded with binders of women.

Enjoy your Halloween, keep safe and don’t get lost in the Freak Fest crowds.