Student satisfaction survey to begin on Feb. 19

Adrienne Oliva, Editor in Chief

Madison College students will soon be able to voice their opinions about life on campus with the biannual Student Satisfaction Inventory.

“It tries to touch upon every aspect of student life at this college,” explains Steven Ansorge, a student representative for the survey.

There is a large range of topics on the survey, including parking, safety and classroom experience. The survey attempts to cover a large variety of subjects in order to get the best perspective on what is working for the students here, and what needs some work.

“It helps the college figure out better ways to serve the students,” Ansorge explains.

The survey also helps the college identify its strengths and weaknesses. The 2016 survey results noted that the strengths of the school are things such as having knowledgeable staff, a safe campus, and clear program requirements. Some of the challenges identified were parking, academic advising, and adequate financial aid.

Identifying these challenges are important to the college as it helps them decide what resources are needed to better the school.
The college is already attempting to improve some of the identified challenges from the past survey.

According to Ansorge, the challenge of faculty not providing feedback early on in the semester will most likely be positively affected by the college’s recent Focus on Focus effort, which encourages instructors to give an assignment early on in the semester so students receive their first grade sooner.

Ansorge is looking forward to taking the survey, and believes that all students should take part in the study because it is their opportunity to share their own opinions with the college.

“It lets my voice actually be heard, along with all the other students that participate,” said Ansorge.

Ansorge believes that the data collected from this years survey will make the college a better place for future students.

The Student Satisfaction Inventory survey will be sent to all Madison College student email accounts and will be open from Feb. 19-March 7.