Building projects continue at Truax

Students will notice a few more changes

Kim Michal, Staff Writer

Construction at Madison College’s Truax Campus continued while you were off for winter break. There have been a few changes that you may want to make note of as you return.

The restrooms on the first floor across the hall from the bakery have been walled off and are receiving some much-needed renovation. They should be re-opened August of this year.

The infamous escalators that use to only run (most of the time) one direction are no longer going to be there. Although they were walled off for the fall semester, demolition of them was scheduled to start after the break is over.
You may notice a few changes to the exterior of the building as well. The exterior stonework of the Culinary Arts addition should be starting in the next few weeks.

On another note, the air handling unit (AHU) in the Culinary Arts addition has been completely installed. If you remember what happened when the AHU went on the fritz in the middle of lunch hour a few weeks before the end of the fall semester you will know how important this is.

With the advent of the first real cold weather of the season, remember to dress warmly if you work or study in the areas adjacent to the construction. The below-zero wind chills can make these areas a little chilly.

Construction will be continuing in multiple phases through this year and into 2017. At the end of the spring semester, work will begin in Student Life and nearby areas.