Hawkins helps to represent students

Patty Hawkins
Patty Hawkins,
District Board

As the first ever student representative at Madison College, Patty Hawkins is the liaison between students and the district board. Hawkins attends and speaks at every district board meeting, and attends the Student Activities Board and Student Senate meetings.

Hawkins voices students’  issues or concerns that affect the student body district wide.

She believes the reason a student representative is necessary and the position “is a constant reminder that student opinion comes first.”

Hawkins ran her campaign with students in mind. She showed her commitment to the students and they responded by electing her, by a large margin, to be their voice on important issues.

The district board created the position last March and held an election for the opening. Student Senate had pushed for a student representative and last fall were finally able to get approval after a district wide vote.

“This is a brand new position, there is a learning curve,” Hawkins said. “As a student representative you must, always remember you’re giving the opinion of the students as a whole.”

Hawkins reminds students that she is not an academic advisor or a tutor. She is mentored directly by Madison College’s President Dr. Jack Daniels and is not tied to any organization.

Any student can apply for this position. Hawkins advises anyone interested that they must “truly have to (put) the students first, truly want to help the students, and have more time and commitment for it.”

“Nothing can be changed by complaining about it,” Hawkins said, “you need to contact the right person for something to be done.”