Off the Shelf: Database helps with skills improvement

Jennifer Kasch, Librarian

Students occasionally ask us librarians about resources we might have to help improve a general skill such as writing, grammar, spelling or reading comprehension. Sure, we have many books that can be checked out on these topics but many students are looking for something that might be a little more interactive or that they can use online from home. We have a library database that can help with that called Learning Express Library.

Learning Express Library is linked to from our alphabetical list of library databases at and can be accessed 24/7 on or off campus. Once in the database, there is a link called “Skills Improvement” that will take you to a page where you will select which skill you would like to improve.

There are many options available including math, science, reading, vocabulary, spelling and more. You can then select which practice exercises you would like to try. The exercises will give instant feedback on what you got right and wrong. They also provide diagnostic score reports to help assess your specific strengths and weaknesses.

To do the practice exercises you will be asked to make a free account in Learning Express Library. This is not the same as your Madison College username and password so make a username and password that you will remember. The reason you are asked to create an account is so your individual progress can be saved in the database the next time you use it. The account helps to individualize the experience.

There are many other great resources available in Learning Express Library like software tutorials for various types of software including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. You’ll also find GED prep, ACT/SAT/NCLEX prep and practice exams, and resume and interviewing resources.  Additionally, there are occupation practice tests for electricians, emergency medical services, firefighters, the nursing and allied health fields and more. You’ll also find some e-books in the database. Some of the practice exams are even available in Spanish.

So, check out Learning Express Library Database if you’re looking to brush up on some of your skills or learn new skills. It is a great interactive resource that can help boost your grades if you’re willing to take some time to go through the practice exercises. If you have any questions on Learning Express Library or any of our other library databases, speak with a Madison College librarian.