Off the shelf: A selection of movies available at the library

Dana Ryals, Library staff

A quick look around is enough to show the seasons are changing. The trees are displaying a beautiful palette of hues ranging from bright yellow to crimson red. Students are trading in flip-flops for boots and sneakers, a sign that autumn is in full swing. As much as it is sad to see the end of the summer, the arrival of autumn is something to look forward to. One of my favorite things about the season is the anticipation of cozying up in a nice warm sweater with a piping hot mug of apple cider or hot chocolate, and staying in to watch a movie. Lucky for me, and other students with the same sentiments, movies can be borrowed for free at Madison College Libraries.

There are two easy ways to find great movies as you kick off the movie-watching season. Students can stop in at one of the campus libraries and browse the shelves, or do a simultaneous online search of all seven libraries. Madison College Libraries boasts a collection of over 2,000 recreational and educational films, so there is something to suit virtually every taste. Recreational films can be borrowed for a week. Educational films have a loan period of four weeks. Speaking of educational films, don’t forget Films on Demand, Madison College’s web-based, digital video library. This broad collection of documentaries and educational videos can be viewed online 24/7, on or off campus.

To search for films at all seven campus libraries, go to our website at Under the “Books/AV” tab click on the “advanced search” option and select “videodisc” from the “format” dropdown menu. Click “search” and a list will appear of all 2,408 videodiscs owned by the libraries. Students can narrow down the results by subject on the right hand side of the screen. If students have trouble locating the movie they’re looking for, they should ask one of the campus librarians for help. The librarians love showing students how to use Madison College Library resources.

While all of the campus libraries stock some movies, not all of them circulate. The vast majority of our circulating movies are housed in the main library at Truax. Feature films are located next to the computer lab, while educational films are shelved along with the books and arranged according to subject. There are smaller circulating collections at the West campus library in Madison, and at the Reedsburg campus library.

With the weather getting cooler, now is a great time to stay in and watch a good movie. Madison College Libraries are here to help students find what they are looking for and enjoy it for free. Happy autumn.