Student-made baked goods will be available

Jacob Ennis, Managing editor

The construction may make finding your way into the school confusing, but all you need to do is follow your nose to The Bakery for some fresh student-made – and student-priced – baked goods.

Students in the Baking/Pastry Arts program run The Bakery, and everything sold there is made by them. Nothing is brought in from outside vendors to be put on display.

Students of the 21-week, 25-credit program will learn marketing and sales techniques working in the store since it is in a real-world retail setting.

The Bakery can be found just around the corner and down the hall from the cafeteria. If, unfortunately, it can’t be found some of the pastries – Rice Krispy treats included – can be purchased in the Marketplace during its regular business hours.

Some items to be found in The Bakery include mousse tortes, sacher tortes – chocolate cake with almonds and covered in chocolate – and linzer tortes, a nut pastry with raspberry filling.