How Not to Summon a Demon Lord review

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

An anime I would highly recommend is “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord.” It is an adult anime based on a role-playing video game. It features a shut-in nerd being dragged inside his favorite game and taking the form of a demon lord.

He must put everything he has into his role playing to build a group of young female companions to embark upon quests in this world. They wish to exist in this world to free his friends from bondage to dark powers.

The show’s story is average at best, but what really drove this show home for me was the satire of role-playing games. The main character really drives this home, and how he is a scared shut-in, but role plays are his way to travel to a place of fear and respect amongst the demons and templars of this world which want his head.

This show is a quick watch with a lot of gaming aspects that fans of shows like “Log Horizon” will love. It is funny as hell, and that’s why it is worth the watch.