COD Cold War Review

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A good shooter that just came out is “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.” It is amazing for hard core FPS fans. The game’s story focuses on the Cold War during the Reagan era and it is filled with action, intrigue, and role-playing elements as the player joins a black ops team of American operatives that take them across the world.

They hunt down a Russian operative and his army to keep world peace and prevent the outbreak of World War 3. Even the zombie mode has a story and universe that any fan of weird cosmic horror will love.

You travel across a demonic multiverse fighting the armies of hell in a team co-op. mode. The gun loads in multiplayer are great and simple, and they’re set in classic “Call of Duty” mayhem.

The game really goes back to the basics of classic “Call of Duty” while still having fresh new content instead of trying to be “Halo.” I would highly recommend anyone who loves the old school “Call of Duty” and good first-person shooters with a point to check this game out.