MATC Artist Review 


A painting by Madison College student Valenzie Cina seems to glow, and truly showcase her unique talent.

Emily Merlin, Social Media Director

There are many artists that study at Madison College, but this particular artist has grabbed my attention. Valenzia Cina (@valenziart on Instagram) has been drawing ever since she could pick up a pencil and painting for about five years now. Her art is so in-depth and connects with the soul.  

When she paints people, it feels like they have a soul. It doesn’t matter if the art is in black and white, colors, or mixed mediait feels real. One recent painting she made (shown below) is so realistic while being futuristic. The white glow of the irises and the green glow of the lighting makes it look like she is a superhero. Perhaps she is. I asked Cina if there was any story behind her art.  

I never really have a real reason for making a piece the way I do. That’s one thing I don’t really have, like a story behind the painting. Usually, I just make them because it’s fun and I enjoy the process.” She should be having fun. That’s the whole point of art, is to have fun. I like to draw too but I am not making a career out of it, and that’s okay because it’s something I enjoy doing,” said Cina.  

I have seen the paintings she has made of landscapes, and it feels like I’m actually there. This next one (below) of the snowy scene is one of Cina’s older pieces.  

Although it’s about a year old, it’s still beautiful and relevant in Wisconsin. Sometimes our winters can be brutal but also serene. This painting depicts a serene winter night. The soft glow of the street lamp is the only source of light in the dark night.  

The car is covered in snow, surrounded by snow, and it looks like a snowplow hasn’t come through yet. On nights just like this picture, it makes you feel like you’re the only person awake. 

I asked Cina what she likes about art and why she decided to pursue art instead of her initial idea of becoming a teacher.  

 “I decided to go into art instead of teaching because, although I love working with kids and teaching, I want to work on my art and see how far I can push myself. The thing I like most about art is how rewarding it is for me. Although some parts of a piece can be really difficult, seeing the end result is really satisfying. I also like seeing how much I can improve and seeing how much my style has changed as I’ve practiced, said Cina. 

It’s enjoyable to look back and see how much Cina has improved over the years. She has many more years to improve. That’s what’s nice about art, is that you’re always improving and growing.