Gothic horror book stands out in genre

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

Over the past few months, I have been reading a lot of Grim Dark books. One universe I keep falling back to is the Warhammer universe. One that truly stands out is Requiem Infernal, a gothic horror-filled drawing from Lovecraft, Frankenstein, and Dante’s Inferno. 

The book revolves around an old nun, and a borderline insane/heretical priest set in the far future, and sister forces that haunt the main characters in the search for faith amidst mutants, demons, and pure cosmic chaos. 

The book often has flashbacks of times of war and encounters with demons in the rambling journals of the two clerics. The book draws upon the search for hope and faith while a corrupt coven within the church they belong to performs sinister experiments on war victims. 

The overall theme of this book is the search for inner truth in the darkness when all one has is themselves. The book is very call of Cthulhu-esque in its pace and mood. 

As someone who grew up as an emo Catholic, watching “The Exorcist” and playing games like “Mass Effect” this book really hit home. I would highly recommend this book to those who enjoy a good chilling story this Halloween.