Oblivion Game Review 

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A game that is a great playthrough that I think many may find refreshing is Elder Scrolls “Oblivion.”  A high fantasy classic filled with dungeons, demon slaying, quests, and lore, this game is something I have spent many hours going through repeatedly.  

“Oblivion” takes Tolkien’s message scope and the mechanics Dungeons and Dragons and creates a fantasy adventure. The game takes place in the world of Tamrielin the midst of a demonic invasion. The player struggles to keep the empire alive. The world feels just as alive as lord of the rings and provides so many choices regarding what one can do, from running around killing tavern folk to classic dungeon crawling. 

 This game may be old, but with all the failed games that have flooded the market in the past few years, this game stands the test of time. It is filled with so much content, unlike many lack luster games nowadays. “Oblivion” has so much soul. 

 The graphics are very outdated, but overall, I found myself replaying this game more than I have with any of the new first-person adventure games that exist right now. The game is like Dungeons and Dragons in the sense that you can create your narrative and you can forge your own story in ways that many games don’t provide 

So, if you are bored while waiting for the next “Halo” or get tired of button mashing to “Super Smash Bros,” go pick up a copy of “Oblivion and get lost in your own head.