Burrito Drive has become a Madison hang out place

Tara Olivia Martens, Staff Writer

Burrito Drive has become a go to hang out place in Madison Wisconsin for its proximity to Williamson Street, along with generous servings, and late hours into the night.

Burrito Drive has their own park- ing lot with over 20 different parking spots, they have their own delivery service as well using eatstreet.com and grubhub.com to make your delivery.

What can you expect from a visit to Burrito Drive? A Grilled Chicken Burrito (one of the most popular items on the menu) is over one full pound and 10 inches long for a good value of $9.40.

Eating at Burrito Drive is not a fast food experience. One burrito with no one else in line took 20 minutes to make, but it’s redeeming quality is that with its five booths tables, extra tables and chairs and bar stool seating may be the perfect place to catch up with friends without the extra cost of wait staff.

One of the women who works at Burrito Drive explained that the extra time it takes to have your meal prepared is because of making food and sauces from scratch.

These four different sauces made daily include: Pico de gallo, Red, Green and Hot sauce. For those who are hot sauce lovers, the Burrito Drive Hot sauce is described as having “fire roasted tomatoes blended with tons of habenero, jalapenos, and spices” further stating, “If you like it hot, this is it”.

The Grilled Chicken burrito was filling and rather plan, but all of the meal menu items include a serving of one of the four sauces as well as sour cream, so you can mix up the taste.

There are also enchiladas, chimichangas, house salad, tacos and quesadillas on the menu.

With the many different Mexican restaurants in Madison, this could be the “it” place to go after a concert or clubbing with relaxed seating and open until 3 a.m.